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Our History

The Web Peeps was born out of an experience one of our founders had with her company, The Plains Agency. The Plains has a focus on intellectual property and brand development. Nine times out of ten when talking with a new client, she found that their website didn’t tell their story … didn’t capture the idea behind the business or personality of its owner. The more she out-sourced web development, the more she realized that it was one of the most over-priced services she’d encountered. Too, web developers aren’t typically writers, or marketing professionals, or brand strategists. She spent more time re-creating, re-tooling, re-writing what others had been paid to do. So, it made far more sense to put together The Web Peeps – a modestly priced solution that will help business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, anyone tell their story.

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Meet The Web Peeps!

Christi Cardenas
Christi CardenasCreative Officer
Christi navigates her day with coffee in hand and headset firmly affixed… bringing people together and monetizing ideas. She splits her time between The Web Peeps and The Plains Agency – the reason for lots and lots of coffee.
Time Spent Drinking Coffee 86%
Ability to Talk to Trees 93%
Jerry Kramer
Jerry KramerThe Brain
The Web Peeps aligned with Jerry and Kramer Digital Media in 2016. And we couldn’t be happier. Jerry’s technical expertise is world renowned. Okay – well known in these parts. In short, he rocks. He keeps our sites running smoothly and wicked fast. We love him.
Hours Spent NOT Wearing a Tie 92%
Time Car NOT Used per Week 99%
Sam Roen
Sam RoenTime Lord
The youngest of the bunch, clocking in at the ripe ol’ age of 22, Sam’s a writer of words and maker of websites, among other activities he can’t quite remember. We refer to him as Boy Wonder. He’d prefer Man Wonder, but it hasn’t yet caught on.
Hufflepuff 85%
Doctor Who Watcher 96%
Brenda Thompson
Brenda ThompsonGraphics Genius
Brenda Thompson is the master behind most of our logo designs and marketing collateral. Her rapid turn-around time is the stuff of legends. As is her ability to “get” what our clients are going for out of the gate, which is why she’s such an asset to our team…and by extension, yours! Not to mention she has THE Best. Laugh. Ever.
Positive Personality 100%
Exceeds Expectations 100%
Mellissa Dahl
Mellissa DahlWordsmith
Writer, video producer, marketing brain-stormer, and a thinker inside, around and outside the box. Beverages of choice: water; coffee; vino; and a great Bloody Mary. She often meanders around in a kayak, wanders aimlessly in nature or socializes with her large Norwegian family and fabulous Gal Pals! Rarely simultaneously.
Radical Packer Fan 100%
Grammatically Correct Texts 100%
SnickersLife Coach
Snickers is a dog. He speaks several languages, just not English. And he has an impressive bandana collection (he often shares them with Christi). He makes sure we don’t take ourselves too seriously and is great about getting us out of the office daily for short walks. And that we drink plenty of water to balance out the coffee consumption.
Territory Marked 89%
Tails Chased (His Own) 95%

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